Once you are ready to migrate to your REC website, you need to alter your existing DNS settings so that the A Records point to the REC server that is hosting your new REC content. 

Note: Your domain services provider can help you to make these changes if you are unclear. 

We will supply you with the IP address for your new REC website e.g.

You will then need to log in to your domain services provider admin section and change the following A Records:

main domain  (sometimes shown as blank or @ or called Root or Top Level)

www subdomain (sometimes called web) <- sometimes this is stored as a CNAME record

wildcard subdomains (normally shown as * or %)  <- this is not essential

You will not normally change any other DNS records, which means your email will still be provided by your existing provider. 

Read More: How DNS Works

Example: GoDaddy Settings

Example: Heart Internet